Friendships prevail?

Our country is being manipulated by a friendship. The ramifications of which, have no present day equal. I refer to the friendship existing between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump. They have shared family weddings and for the majority of their voting lives, they have supported the Democratic Party.

Donald Trump is running for the Republican nomination at the behest of Mrs. Clinton. In so doing, he has totally destroyed the Republican Party and has subordinated her “political baggage” to his, by virtue of his outlandish statements and positions that render her negatives pale by comparison.

His tomfoolery has rendered her as being the only reasonable and viable candidate for president. A significant number of Republicans will not vote for Trump, which, in essence becomes a vote for Clinton.

So, what’s in it for Mr. Trump? Additional ego-building upon which he thrives, i.e. he ran for the highest office in the land, an accomplishment not experienced by many.

Further, if/when Mrs. Clinton becomes president she will have a plethora of means to reward Mr. Trump for his contributions to her success.

Thus, our country will have been manipulated by Mrs. Clinton, a diabolically devious individual, who is without equal.

John Hollingsworth Palm Valley