Religious hypocrisy abound

Ms. Campos, “Love God, enemies” seems to have missed the whole point of my March 25 letter, “How can this happen?”

But I’d like to thank her for writing more Scripture than a lot of people will hear or read this year.

My whole purpose of that letter was to make light of the hypocrisy that the media allows to go unchallenged.

The Pope, the rulers of Muslim nations, along with many politicians here in the US proclaim Islam to be a “religion of peace,” while Muslims kill and also want to kill or enslave anyone who doesn’t believe like they believe.

These same people that proclaim Islam to be a religion of peace also want Western nations to absorb millions of Middle East refugees while the Vatican and extremely wealthy Arab nations ignore the refugees and their plight.

And what is the reason that there are millions upon millions of refugees?

Unless any of these Muslim nations are ruled with an iron fist, the conflicts within these nations are never-ending.

Also Ms. Campos needs to share her message with the Pope.

He rides in his Popemobile surrounded by more bodyguards than the president of the United States.

During his visit to Morelia, Mexico, the Pope scolded some of the individuals who reached out to touch him. These people were his admirers, not his enemies. Where was the love?

The Pope also lives an extravagant lifestyle surrounded by servants in a palatial setting, all behind 39 foot walls. At the same time he’s telling everyone else to do more for the poor.

My question for Ms. Campos who makes a case for separating politics from religion, and all others who attend church or claim that they believe in God (90 percent of the US population) is, what party do you vote for?

Is it the party that is for taxpayer- funded abortion for any and all reasons (pro-choice sounds so much better than pro-abortion) or the party that is pro-life?

I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life …” Deuteronomy 30:19 NKJV,

N. Rodriguez Harlingen