Easier Ride: Street opening provides better access in Los Fresnos


Staff Writer

LOS FRESNOS — Access to Walmart just got easier with the addition of Evergreen Street.

Turning left onto Highway 100, well, not so easy without a streetlight.

“If you’re turning onto Highway 100, relax a little bit and be safe,” said Mark Milum, Los Fresnos city manager. “People need to use caution and not rush.”

Drivers sometimes endure other drivers honking their horns behind them to hurry them up to turn left.

“When there’s a traffic light out there, turning will be protected and will solve the problem,” Milum said.

The new street cost the city $1.2 million to build. It was paid for with sales tax money.

Evergreen Street has been open almost a month and there have been some minor accidents already.

“People need to use caution when turning until the traffic light gets there,” Milum said.

Milum said the Texas Department of Transportation will be placing a streetlight at the intersection of Evergreen and Highway 100.

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