Handicapped Parking

If the city of Harlingen had the time to send patrol units to shopping area parking lots and cite fake Handicapped tag holders, non tag holders and people that just wait for others to come out of the store, that could rake up a few dollars for the city.

I see it every day, especially at Morgan HEB and K-Mart. Yes, I do have actual Disabled Veteran plates, but am in good enough health, most of the time to be able to walk a

However, there are people that really need those spots and way too often I see folks, some of them young High School kids, with Handicapped mirror placards with hand-written dates.

I ask that the HPD could please try to enforce some of these laws and help those that realy need those parking spaces. I know that the PD is very busy and they do an excellent job patrolling most of Harlingen.

Thank you for any assistance in this matter.

Michael Heckman Harlingen