San Benito repairs bridge, more streets are up next

SAN BENITO — To some, the topic of street repair seems to be a never-ending hot topic.

Streets upon streets are up for repair in San Benito and have been for the past few years.

Most suspect streets will be an issue for a while longer.

Public Works Director Adan Gonzalez presented city commissioners with an overview of 79 streets this past week.

After the repair of the old, dilapidated and dangerous bridge, street maintenance continues on Rio Grande Street.

Crews have been working on the concrete curb and the sidewalk. And a water maintenance crew has installed the water lines and sewer lines.

“It’s been taking a while because the concrete company that we ordered the concrete from, they haven’t been able to deliver it,” Gonzalez said. “So we went out for quotes with another company.”

Gonzalez said the former company wanted to deliver concrete in the afternoon, which would have required workers to put in overtime hours.

A new company, Gonzalez said, hopefully will deliver the concrete in the morning and crews can be finished by 4 p.m.

Deemed unsafe by city officials, the bridge on Rio Grande Street was closed in January.

The bridge is now open.

With that work completed, officials have determined more improvements are needed in that area, and will begin upgrading infrastructure and Rio Grande Street from the bridge to McCullough Street.

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