How about those political parties

I enjoyed reading the editorial letter on the differences between political parties.

I think it was really well done.

The editorial sparked my thinking, regarding political parties. In the private sector we have unions, and professional organizations.

My thinking is that these entities are designed to protect the workers interests, and in some cases, limit the number of members. That, having been stated let’s consider another thought or two. In Wisconsin, they enacted legislation that banned public workers from organizing into unions.

Governor Walker spearheaded that legislation.

By the by, it was overturned by the United States Supreme Court. This preamble leads me to my introspective observations.

I have difficulty discerning the difference between professional organizations, unions, and political parties. It seems they all try to protect their members, and in some cases limit the number of members.

The goal of political parties is to get their members elected to various posts, and to keep them there. They do not exist for the welfare of the country.

Unions and professional associations make a nominal effort to control the quality of the member’s work. Political parties do not do this. Unions hold out the threat of strikes, parties hold out the threat of government shut down. I guess my inference is that many individuals deplore labor unions yet strongly embrace political parties.

This just doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to me.

Ken Cantine Laguna Vista