San Benito School Board to decide on election date

SAN BENITO — Tonight, school board members will vote on whether to move the district’s election day from May to November.

The school district doesn’t have an election this May. But it is thinking ahead to 2017.

As it stands now, elections are held in May to fill the school board member positions, which are on a three-year rotating basis.

In March, school board members considered the change.

However, they voted to table action on that item pending further consideration.

If approved tonight, the new date also would extend the terms of those in office.

When it came time to vote on the agenda item in March, trustee Hector Leal made a motion to table the concept.

“I just think it needs more consideration,” he said.

Vice President Oscar Medrano seconded the motion and the board unanimously voted to table the decision at that time.

Leal also suggested meeting with city officials to get their point of view on the change.

“I think we should also run a survey to see what the community thinks,” he said.

Four school board trustees’ terms will expire in 2017.

They are Arnold Padilla in place 4, Leal in place 5, Medrano in place 6 and Angel Mendez in place 7.

The other terms expire in 2018.