A little back and forth on religion

I do not want to start a “tennis match” with N. Rodriguez over his letters to the editor, so I will be brief.

He says I missed his point.

Perhaps I did. Right from the start, I should have said in my reaction to his March 25 letter that as a Catholic, I objected to his disrespectful and demeaning suggestion that Pope Francis invite Muslim refugees to the Vatican for a “slumber party” during Holy Week, the holiest week of the Christian year.

It was not humor. It was certainly not satire. At best it was an inappropriate attempt at political commentary. He called Pope Francis a hypocrite. Name calling is not commentary.

When we quote from Scripture, we often fail at what we desire most to do. That is, to show that our thinking is in line with the Gospels.

Often it turns out for everyone that we use it to justify thoughts and actions that are sadly contrary to what the Gospels teach.

I am speaking of both N. Rodriguez and myself.

I will not cast the first stone. We have a long way to go in following Jesus. Christian love and unity would not be a bad place to begin.

Bertha Campos Harlingen