SAN BENITO — Over-looking the concrete courtyard that someday will be adorned with pot-ted plants, flowers and a fountain, Jesus and Diana Artiaga relaxed in patio chairs as they explained their vision for a home that’s been vacant since the 1970s.

Just yards away at the front of the house, there were hammers pounding on the rooftop, scaffolding everywhere, pickup trucks parked in the yard and old materials being tossed from the roof in favor of new.

In the back, Jesus and Diana had trouble containing their exuberance about the biggest project they’ve ever taken on.

“It is exciting,” Diana admitted with a smile. “The plan is to remodel, preserve and open it to the public, maybe every quarter or every few months and have people come in and look at it.”

Many people may not know it by name, but the Landrum plantation and the blonde brick home that sits on a small portion of the 1,100 acres has a lengthy and historic past.

Situated on the south side of U.S. 281, also known as Military Highway, just south of San Benito off of FM 2520, this 1902 house was built by James L. Landrum, one of the men responsible for the development of the town of San Benito.

But this architecturally and historically significant residence has been in disrepair for nearly 40 years.

However, Jesus and Diana, the new owners of the home and two acres that surround it, are in the midst of changing all that.

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