Not trusting you

In “Be part of the process,” Mr Zendenjas lists a number of publications for us to read that will make us “more aware and knowledgeable of affairs outside of the RGV.”

He further states, “Trust me on this one …” My response is, Sir, I would trust a rattlesnake more than I would trust you and your advice.

All the publications he lists have a liberal left wing agenda.

The sole reason I write to the VMS is to “try” and counter the daily dose of liberal propaganda we are fed.

When news is one-sided or full of half truths, it is propaganda, The following stats are from US National Debt real time and from www US Treasury which I earnestly encourage everyone to look up.

Our nation’s debt is $19.25 trillion. The taxpayers, not the government, paid $415 billion in 2013, $430 billion in 2014, and $402 billion in 2015 in interest on that mountain of debt.

The government only spends, it produces zero income.

As any bill-paying person knows, money paid on interest for the most part is a huge waste. The exceptions being a mortgage and maybe a loan to purchase an automobile.

We’re told the unemployment rate is 5 percent. The true numbers are: workforce, 151.4 million; official unemployed 7.9 million; actual unemployed 15.5 million; not in labor force 93.4 million.

The total US population is 323.3 million. The total number of US taxpayers is 119.6 million. The total number of citizens receiving benefits is 161.4 million.

I know, “the truth hurts.” But if the “truth” we are told is sugar coated, then it is useless.

N. Rodriguez Harlingen