San Benito Golf Coach Henry Valle proudly reports that the San Benito Greyhound Golf team participated in a total of seven Varsity golf tournaments this year.

He also explained that there are 10 Varsity boys and five Varsity girls on the team this year. Three of those players are male seniors and one of them is a female senior.

Several players work on their game year round by playing on Southern Texas Junior Professional Golfers’ Association (STJPGA) series in the summer, he said.

Valle indicated that San Benito hosted three of those seven tournaments and placed third at one.

In February, the district hosted the San Benito Invitational where the local team placed third overall; schools from around the Rio Grande Valley and one from Laredo participated in that tournament. In March, the school hosted the 32-6A Pre-District Tournament in which all 32-6A schools competed. Earlier this month, the school hosted the 32-6A District Tournament.

“We are hoping to coordinate a middle school/elementary clinic this summer with the help of some of your varsity players and middle school coaches,” said Valle.

“The idea is to give the youth in the San Benito area another sport in which they can participate and play the rest of their lives,” he added.