Texas storms moving south towards the Valley

While we won’t get the 20 inches of rain that have hit Houston, the Valley won’t be spared from storms tonight.

The National Weather Service in Brownsville has issued a severe thunderstorm watch until 11 p.m. for all of deep South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley.

The NWS says conditions are good for strong to severe thunderstorms this afternoon and this evening. The storms are expected to linger until Tuesday morning.

The storms are moving south from Houston toward the Valley and once the sun sets the Upper Valley and ranchland areas can expect rain, hail, high winds and lightning. The storm is predicted to move east toward the Mid Valley.

“Once the thunderstorms moving into the area they will be capable of producing large amounts of rain in a short amount of time. We’re looking at averages of one-half inch to over an inch of rain across deep South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley,” says NWS Lead Forecaster Geoff Bogorad.

He said the chance or rain continues throughout the week.

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