San Benito mulls mud racing

SAN BENITO — Could mud racing be coming to San Benito?

Two men seem to think it’s a good idea.

So, they brought their suggestion to the City Commission.

During last night’s meet-ing, Henry Thomae and B.J. Garcia proposed using 100 acres of the old airport property for mud and drag racing, sports both men have participated in for many years.

It’s a piece of property that has pretty much been dormant since the 1980s, Thomae said.

Back when they did have mud races at the airport, Thomae said he was there.

Thomae, who has been racing for about 35 years, told commissioners that if they allowed him to use the property, no alcohol would be served and all the proper insurance paperwork would be done.

All work, he said, would be done in phases.

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