School district pushes forward with five-year strategic plan

SAN BENITO — School officials are looking for answers.

In an effort to contribute to the overall five-year strategic plan, the school district invited two state school agencies to survey the district.

Superintendent Dr. Adrian Vega said last week the Texas Association of School Administrators and the Texas Association of School Business Officials will conduct a district-wide curriculum and efficiency study.

Since the start of his leadership, Vega has worked to add to his future strategic plan.

In doing so, he has surveyed his staff, talked to all departments and formulated a diverse committee.

Planning already has started to formulate a five-year strategic plan.

The information from the survey is expected to be used in creating that plan.

Participants from all parts of the community came together April 2 to discuss curriculum, finance, facilities, communications and other areas of concern.

The attendees were assigned to tables of eight or more, which also included a facilitator and note-taker. Those at each table discussed the issues.

The information gathered will be processed and the data will be used for future meetings about the topics.

The next strategic planning meeting is set for Saturday morning.

Vega hopes to get the district on the right track in the new school year.

To date, Vega said the district has acquired the necessary documents to accommodate TOSA and TASBO in their studies.

The mission of the TOSA, according to its website, is to promote, provide and develop leaders who create and sustain student-centered schools and develop future-ready students.

TASBO says it continues a tradition of supporting kindergarten through 12th grade schools and their business and operations professionals.

An independent, not-for-profit professional association, TASBO is dedicated to being the trusted resource for school finance and operations in Texas.

“Both entities have been reviewing for the last several weeks,” Vega said. “They will conduct interviews and surveys with board members, administrators, principles, teachers and parents.”

Once they conclude their work, they will present their findings to the board and the community.

“The result will provide the district with data and information to make informed decisions in the areas of teaching and learning and business operations,” Vega said.

By summer, a strategic plan should be ready to implement in the new school year.