Residents at Sun Valley Acres Park at Bass Boulevard and Expressway 83 said three units were damaged by the quick-hitting storm late Monday night.

No injuries were reported by residents there, but Tuesday morning, evidence of the storm’s powerful winds was everywhere.

Corrugated aluminum roofing was scattered across both sides of Bass Boulevard just north of the interstate, some of it still draped across lines and fences.

Jan Wall, who lives in one of the mobile homes, says workers had just put part of a new, secondary roof on her home the day before.

“It took the (new) metal roof off. That must be it over there,” Wall said, gesturing toward Bass Boulevard.

The old roof, thankfully, remained in place, preventing any water or wind damage to the interior of the home.

“Right now, it just looks kind of tacky,” Wall said.

Sylvia Pena of California was visiting at the park the previous night.

“It was pretty noisy, then when the electricity went off, I saw the fire on that post up there,” said Pena as she pointed to a fire-scorched transformer on a creosoted pole. “It sparked when the lights went out.”

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