Harlingen’s residents have demonstrated their commitment this month to creating more awareness about autism. That commitment has revealed itself in numerous events in support of National Autism Awareness Month.

The action and excitement of being part of a cause continues Saturday with “Blues for Autism” at Ol’ D’s Soda Shop. Another event, the 2nd Annual 5K Color Run, is being organized by the student council at Harlingen High School South.

Chris Maley organizes “Blues for Autism” several times a year. Experts make presentations at different venues where visitors can have free finger foods and enjoy live blues music. Two experts will speak at Saturday’s event at Ol’ D’s at 105 W. Jackson St. The event will take place from 3 to 6 p.m. and will feature blues artists Emilio Crixell, Big Bruce Hodge, Tom Gonzalez of Nashville and Johnny Harper.

Marshal Nelson, a professor of psychology specializing in the creative journal expressive arts, will talk about using art to help children with autism express themselves. Lebby Salinas, a certified health coach, will talk about foods that tend to aggravate the behaviors of people with autism. She’ll also talk about foods that can help them remain more calm.

The 2nd Annual 5K Color Run, which is also being held to promote National Autism Awareness Month, will take place much earlier. The “run” will begin at about 8:30 a.m. at the Harlingen High School South Mini-Stadium parking lot. All ages are welcome to walk, jog, or “skip” at their own pace.

Along the route, participants will learn why the event is called a “color run” when they are bathed with colored powder. To accentuate the power of color, runners/walkers/skippers are asked to wear white T-shirts, although this isn’t a requirement.

There is a fee or requested “donation” for each of these events.

For more information about the run, contact Claudia Rogers at Harlingen High School South at 427-3800.

Those interested in attending “Autism for Blues” can call 230-1963 for more information.