Restoring home a special project

I really enjoyed reading Lisa Seiser’s “Restoring history” of the Landrum House in Sunday’s Valley Morning Star.

On finding some of the original kitchen floor tiles, I hope they will include this section in the new kitchen flooring.

Then, I turned to page 9 and my mind went, “wow” when I saw the staircase picture.

Over 20 years ago, my husband and I took an architectural tour to Matamoros with our San Benito First Community Bank senior group. The main objective was to be the first Anglos to ever walk through the doors of a restored mansion belonging to prominent restaurant owners.

Yes, we were the first and what a thrill it was to see the beauty of this lovingly-restored home.

The main staircase was similar to the one in the Landrum House. A focal point I the foyer. The remodelers had left a tiny section of the staircase “as is” so future visitors could see the condition it was in prior to the remodeling.

They had, also sent actual samples of the wallpaper in this house to a restoring company in New England, who duplicated all of the wallpaper. Again, they left a square of the old historical paper for show.

The other pictures of the Landrum house reminded me of the rest of the historical Matamoros house we visited. Truly a jewel in restoration.

I commend Jesus and Diana Artiaga and all of the contractors involved in this endeavor. May God bless their efforts in restoring it to its past glory, the Landrum Home on the south side of U.S. 281, San Benito.

Sallie L. Nelson San Benito