Los Indios making its mark

SAN BENITO — Before Los Indios Mayor Rick Cavazos was elected to office in 2015, previous city officials were just appointed.

For Cavazos, a fifth generation resident of Los Indios, family roots go back all the way to the 1800s when his family first pioneered the little border town. Now, as a full-time mayor, Cavazos is busy taking Los Indios to the next level.

Yesterday, Cavazos sat down with residents and city officials at the San Benito Chamber of Commerce “Coffee With” session to discuss the town as an economic force. Before becoming a fulltime mayor, Cavazos served as a Border Patrol agent for more than 25 years.

Some may not know very much about this little town but Cavazos said it has much to offer.

Los Indios was incorporated in 1993 and is home to a small population of about 1,100. It also has a few churches, a community center, one RV park, a community garden and the Los Indios Free Trade Bridge.

Transmigrantes routinely use the bridge and Cavazos said that traffic contributes to Los Indios growth.

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Facts about Los Indios

Los Indios has the lowest property tax rate in Cameron County at 43 cents per $100 of assessed value.

Los Indios started collecting property tax two years ago.

Los Indios contracts with Military Highway Water for water and sewer. The average usage rate for a resident is about $50 a month.

Trash collection also is contracted out.

Los Indios brings in about $400,000 a year in revenue.

This month, Los Indios established it’s very own police department and municipal court. On Monday, the very first patrol took place.

Last week, the municipal court settled its first code enforcement case.

Mayor Rick Cavazos’ major accomplishments since taking office in May 2015.

Obtaining a $220,000 grant for street paving.

Obtaining a $6,000 grant for tire recycling.

Increased brush collection to six times a year from four at no cost to the resident.

Three city workers were made full-time employees.

Crews added 19 street lights.

Able to accomplish everything within the budget.

Partnered with the San Benito Chamber of Commerce.