Operation Patriot kicks off at elementary

HARLINGEN — Once a week, Felipe Dominguez will sit with a real live U.S. Border Patrol agent and work on assignments.

The agent, complete with a strapping green uniform and shiny badge, also will give the Travis Elementary fifth grader some direction as he navigates through new challenges presented by his studies.

Operation Patriot Pride kicked off this week at Travis Elementary. Felipe and 17 other fifth graders met with the U.S. Border Patrol agents who will mentor him and his classmates.

“I enjoyed them a lot,” said Felipe, 11. “I thought they were really great. We got to ask them questions so we could know what we are going to be doing.”

They all seemed to have had a great time, crowding around the uniformed agents and peppering them with all sorts of questions.

“How do you get to be a Border Patrol agent?” they asked. “What did you have to do to get there? Why do you wear a badge?”

The children’s enthusiasm and inquisitiveness impressed teachers and administrators.

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