Familiar rivals face off for Commission

HARLINGEN — The race for Harlingen mayor isn’t the only rematch this election cycle.

The only contested race for Harlingen City Commission is in District 2. It features two adversaries who faced each other in 2013 — Commissioner Tudor Uhlhorn, who took 59 percent of the vote, and former commissioner Frank Puente Jr., who garnered 41 percent.

“I don’t have any problem with him,” Uhlhorn, 56, said of Puente last week. “I just think I offer a much different set of strengths and background than he does.”

“I think Tudor’s a good guy, a good businessman, but I want to give people a choice,” Puente said.

For Puente, 53, it’s a question of much being promised and little delivered.

“I just haven’t really seen any change,” Puente said. “Just more of the status quo.

“They just keep bringing up the same issues, like more jobs,” he added. “I’m a small business owner, and I know what more jobs means.”

Uhlhorn, who is seeking his second term in office, said serving as one of the city’s commissioners has changed his perspective on some of the issues Harlingen is facing.

His priority, what he is most interested in, is improving the city’s roads.

“I think we’re a little behind on some maintenance of roads,” Uhlhorn said.

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