Why no attention for Target boycotting

In several of my letters that have been printed in the VMS I’ve stated that in my view both the broadcast and print media have a liberal left wing agenda.

On Tuesday, April 19, Target announced that their bathrooms and fitting rooms would be gender neutral.

Meaning that transgender males and for that matter, any male that “feels” like a female on any given day can use the same bathroom as young girls and women.

Why has it not been all over the VMS and the local TV news? That and the fact that hundreds of thousands of people have signed a pledge to boycott Target because of the stance it’s taken regarding gender- neutral bathrooms. Google Target boycott.

It’s an extremely sensitive left wing issue that has produced a strong backlash that the liberal media prefers to keep as quiet as possible.

Seems to me all females and parents of young kids should be made aware of what the retail giant has chosen to do.

Target’s reasoning seems to be to counter “Freedom of Religion” laws meant to protect the clergy from being forced to perform same sex marriages against their religious beliefs signed into law in Mississippi and North Carolina.

These laws are also meant to protect individuals who on religious grounds do not want to perform services requested by same-sex couples, such as baking wedding cakes, doing landscape work, etc.

Of course what the “people” want doesn’t matter anyway. The ACLU has already filed a lawsuit against North Carolina. And of course a liberal Federal Judge will agree with the ACLU and the “Freedom of Religion” laws will be overturned.

President Abraham Lincoln has to be rolling over in his grave.

All the Union soldiers buried at Gettysburg did in fact, die in vain.

Sir, “that government of the people, by the people, and for the people,” has indeed perished from the earth.

N. Rodriguez Harlingen