Students receive awards for their film work

HARLINGEN – “Hello, everyone, this is your action news reporter on the scene at the supermarket. Pardon me, sir, did you see what happened?”

People really did see what happened last week at the 5th Annual Student Film Awards where students were recognized for their work.

Elizabeth Castañeda’s video profiling the football team at Harlingen High School South won Best News Package.

Awards for “Best Cinematography,” “Best Editor” and “Best Director” invoked the energy and grandeur of Tinseltown.

“It was modeled after the Academy Awards,” said Shane Strubhart, spokesman for the school district.

“They had Best Actor, Best Music Video, Best Educational Video, Best Overall,” Strubhart said. “It’s incredible how much better the videos did this year.”

Strubhart also raved about the success of Colin GiIloon, a sophomore at Harlingen High School South who took home six awards.

“He did a phenomenal job,” Strubhart said. “He had the Best Overall.”

The awards were presented at the event April 19 to one recipient per video. However, Colin emphasized he couldn’t have accomplished his work without the film crew which assisted him.

“They give the award to the director or the leader kind of behind it,” said Colin, 16. “That would be me in this case. But there’s no possible way I would have been able to accomplish these if it had not been for the people who worked with me.”

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