The next Spielberg?

HARLINGEN – He cleaned house. Cleaned house? He’s a housekeeper?

No, he’s the next Steven Spielberg. That’s how Colin Gilloon sees it, especially after taking home six awards last week at the 5th Annual Student Film Awards of the Harlingen school district.

“I feel very grateful,” said Colin, 16, a sophomore at Harlingen High School South, who took home awards for his work in three different videos of very different genres. One video involved a mafia boss, another was about carnivorous aliens attacking the International Space Station, and still another was based on a video game about computer hackers.

“I enjoyed being a director and working with others,” he said.

He and the rest of the film crew filmed “Incognito” earlier this year before they had the proper supplies. So, they improvised and used iPads to create a film about a man who steals information from a mob boss.

Colin won “Best Drama” and “Best Overall Film” for that project.

The video “Contact” shows an astronaut releasing a virus onto the International Space Station when he clicks on an ad for a free $1,000 Wal-Mart gift card.

“When he realized he had brought the virus onto the ship, he tried to signal to NASA to tell them about the virus,” Colin said. “The signal ended up going to the ship of carnivorous aliens, which drew them to the International Space Station.”

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Awards for Colin Gilloon

Best Drama: Incognito

Best Action: Watchdogs in Real Life

Best Editing: Contact

Best Directing: Watchdogs in Real Life

Best Overall Film: Incognito

Best Comedy: Contact