County preps new tax offices: Roof, elevators, A/C under repair as plans continue

Brownsville — Cameron County is continuing its plans to prepare the old Wells Fargo building on East Levee Street for the tax office relocation.

Construction has not yet begun, but the types of modifications the building needs are currently being considered, said David Garcia, county administrator.

“Nothing is going to be done until we have the building ready, and that will take time because we have to do the new roof, do the A/C and the elevators,” Garcia said. “We are working with the tax office to get their feedback and their recommendations on how best to retrofit the location.”

The renovations will be done by Rike Ogden Figueroa Allex Architects Inc.

Although the cost of these renovations is undetermined, Garcia has previously said that the JP relocation alone would result in substantial savings.

The cost will not be determined until they can get into the building and figure out what will be done in detail,” Garcia said.

The county feels that the building’s current facilities will accommodate the tax office for the most part, but the minor improvements should completely satisfy its requirements, Garcia said.

“We want to make sure the tax office has an area that is conducive to their day-to-day operations,” Garcia said.

The relocation should alleviate most of the traffic surrounding the Cameron County Courthouse, Garcia said.

The new building also will house the county clerk’s office, the information technology department and the justices of the peace.

The six-floor, 50,000-square-foot building was acquired in February for $2.3 million, slightly less than the property’s appraised value.