Greyhounds just want to have fun

This is in response to the article, “Save the Greyhounds” in the Valley Morning Star on April 24.

I am disappointed that “Grey2K Worldwide” would print an article saying the Texas Racing Commission needs to come to their senses and end Greyhound Racing in Texas.

He has adopted or rescued old tired racing greyhounds since 1995. I give him my blessing for that kind, good Samaritan deed. I wish there were more that would show their love for the old retired racing greyhounds and give them a home.

I have personally owned racing greyhounds and I know about the lives of these marvelous animals. I know there is nothing they love better than running as fast as they can. They also love winning the race. Their faces light up, their tongues hang out and their tail waggles.

Greyhounds are the worlds fastest dogs, they know it and love it. They run to win. The hunting and racing greyhounds can run at speeds of 40 to 45 mph.

The only animal in the world that is faster is the African Cheetah, which has been clocked at speeds of up to 60 mph when in pursuit of food. However, the greyhound because of their agility, have been known to make sudden burst of speed to snap up their prey, faster than the Cheetah.

In order to retain his speed and health they have to have vigorous daily exercise routines. They are not being punished when they are put through their daily routines, they are just getting prepared and conditioned.

They need to stay strong and healthy. They were born to run and there is nothing a greyhound love better than to run full speed or high energy agility obstacle racing.

If you take them out from racing, without their vigorous daily workout to vent their pent-up energy, they begin to put on weight. They start to bark, dig up flowers and plants and holes is the yard, trying to use up all that energy they have stored. They become susceptible to disease, heart attacks and other pathological symptoms that are brought about because of lack of proper exercise to burn up their massive God-given energy.

Then there is the people side of it. People love to watch them run for the money. They enjoy the layout and betting format and the opportunity to pick their favorite dogs to win. I like to go out and look at them before the race. They are all hyper and excited to get started.

Sorry mister 2K, I don’t agree with your philosophy to pen them all up, take away the birthright to run an slowly watch the breed die away.

Curtis Hatcher Harlingen