Students show off work at ‘Invention Convention’

HARLINGEN — More than 40 inventions were displayed by students in 5th-8th grade at the St. Paul Academy Science Night of Family Fun — “Invention Convention” on April 21.

More than 150 people attended the event.

The assignment was to come up with an invention that helped solve a problem the student faced.

Students compiled an invention logbook complete with ideas, sketches, materials, steps and results. Students also needed to present a model or prototype of their invention. A foldable with various elements of their invention was also presented.

This assignment was to help promote creativity and problem solving skills in students. It applied the same principles of this assignment to real world problems that need solutions. Overall, the students were challenged to not only come up with an invention, but explain their problem solving and creative processes along the way.

“God blessed all of these students with incredible minds. It was fun to see their creative sides come out,” Jason Kuiper, a middle school science teacher, said.

“I was extremely proud of their hard work.”