Can’t compromise principles

So many of the Democrats have stressed the Republicans are keeping our country from making progress by refusing to compromise.

However, there is compromise in policy and there is compromise of principles.

Policies are sometimes improved and sometimes revoked and are not necessarily permanent, but principles are not that easy to reinstate once they are lost. Purity of purpose can never be restored once principles have been subordinated to corruption.

If we are willing to cast out the basic principles upon which this country was founded, we can usher ourselves back into the world that we left in the 1500s.

From words spoken by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, they had little faith that human frailties would be put aside for long to preserve what is/was bigger than all of us.

So, if we now seek to replace the justice of law with the compulsions of man as the measure of what is good, we will have no stability to make consistent judgments, and today’s views may be the route to tomorrow’s problems. We need to understand what is to be compromised before we judge it to be a solution.

Sincerely, Norma Christian Raymondville