Let’s not make bad statistics worse

My name is Julian Villarreal. I am a senior from Harlingen and would like to share my opinion on the “North Carolina bathroom law.”

As you may have heard in recent news, the state of North Carolina has passed a law concerning how transgender people can use bathrooms. Basically the mechanics behind it are that whatever gender you have on your birth certificate, is the allowed bathroom you may use.

This law has upset much of the transgender community.

My opinion on this is that it is politically correct to have such a law in place for multiple reasons. One of them being sexual abuse. If a man who portraits himself as a woman for the purpose of perverted gains, he endangers the lives of all the women in America.

We are trying to lower the rape statistic, not raise it. It’s just pure logic.

Another reason I oppose this, is for the sake of hygiene. This could cause a problem to women’s latrines more than anything because men tend to be slightly messier than women.

This can make the normal public frustrated.

Despite not liking any of the current presidential candidates at the moment, I would have to agree with Ted Cruz on this issue because he doesn’t think this is sane either.

As you can tell I am not in favor for making any bad statistic worse than it is.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely Yours, Julian Villarreal Harlingen