San Benito skate pad nearly complete

SAN BENITO — Skate boarders rejoice.

Your skate pad is almost ready for you.

Last night, commissioners received a short update on the progress of the skate pad by Public Works Director Adan Gonzalez, who has been watching the repairs closely.

Weather permitting, repairs could be done as early as next week, he informed commissioners.

They were pleased with the progress at the skate pad at Stookey Park.

A bigger skate park is in the works for the future.

Last month, when the decision was handed down about the skate pad, officials assured the public they would still try to find a way to make a full skate park happen.

Last month, engineers from LNV proposed overall plans for Stookey Park.

From the beginning, the engineering firm has been tasked with the plans for the park.

The skate pad will be located at Stookey Park adjacent to the old, troubled pool.

Parks and Recreation Director Art Garza said about $24,000 in federal Community Development Block Grant funds have been allocated to pay for new equipment and to repair existing equipment as needed.

“The skating community needs a place where they can go and use their skateboards,” he said.

The skate pad, measuring 80 feet by 30 feet, hopefully will be done next week.

“The work that can be done will be done in-house,” Garza said. “We will also continue to find funding for the future skate park.”