We should pay tribute to Veterans, not rock stars

At least 600 WWII Veterans die each day. At that rate, in about 10 years or less, most of the Greatest Generation will have died out.

After that, it’s on to the Korean Veteran and then after that in about 25 years or less, most of the Vietnam Veterans will be gone.

But, let’s go back to the Greatest Generation who fought against some of the most brutal dictators the world had ever known up until that time. They fought on several fronts in some very primitive conditions, sometimes even with inferior equipment.

Does this country remember when one of those veterans passes away? We certainly do not hear about their deaths in the newspaper or the news media.

And when a singer or a rock star dies and the whole world, including this country, goes crazy, and there are tributes and people crying, including adult males.

Why doesn’t the United States or the state of Texas grieve when a WWII Veteran dies?

Because we have lost our Veteran/ moral compass. We are looking in the wrong direction.

This rock star that died suddenly, I am sure he wrote some good songs, sang some good music and I am sure he put on some good shows. But, what did he do for this country, for this United States of America?

Was he even in the military? Did he fight for his country?

It is unbelievable the attention that is being paid by the news media to the death of this man.

Why, even President was heard to comment that he was listening to his songs. He made this comment on national TV.

Does he listen to the “Star Spangled Banner” when a United States Veteran passes away?

This nation is in a sad state of affairs when we don’t hear of a veteran passing away.

My father, Pilar Espinosa Jr. was a veteran and part of the Greatest Generation.

To me and to my family, he was the “Greatest Rock Star” who ever lived.

Pilar Espinosa Harlingen