HARLINGEN – Daniel Gallegos raised hand high as everyone sang a joyous song of Christian praise.

He and a small audience at the 65th National Day of Prayer last night clapped and sang with three singers from Cross Church.

“This is an amazing day,” they sang. “That you would take my place. That you lay down your life that I may be set free.”

Several local officials and religious leaders attended the event in Yeckel Auditorium at the Marine Military Academy. This year’s theme, “Wake up, America” shown on a screen above the stage.

Col. Glenn Hill, superintendent of MMA, was glad the “National Day of Prayer” was once again being held at MMA.

“It’s so great that they are doing this,” Hill said. “We’re praying for our nation, the people of our nation. It’s good to have MMA host this.”

The Rev. Bill Reagan, executive director of Loaves and Fishes, opened the ceremony with a prayer.

“Dear Heavenly Father,” he began. “We come to you today as humble people. We thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon all of us to bring so much good to our citizens and the rest of the world.”

He spoke more sternly in his prayer about God being marginalized.

“We are saddened by the fact that people have committed to apathy,” he continued. Such apathy and lack of devotion to God had caused many people to be susceptible to the “forces of evil destroying our society.”

The three singers then stood to lead the audience in song. One of them first addressed the audience.

“God sent an agent, Christ,” she said, then added the hope for God to be “welcome in our country again.”

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