Abortion, Democrats synonymous

Whether they attend any church or whether they believe in a God or not, somewhere around 70 percent of Hispanics, 95 percent of African-Americans, and the majority of all college students vote for Democratic politicians.

There are only two major political parties in America, the Democratic Party, which is pro abortion for any and all reasons (abortion on demand) and the Republican Party, which is pro life, with some exceptions.

If I or any person oppose something or support and endorse something, we should be freely able and want to express our views.

There is no way on earth that I could ever vote for any Democratic politician just on the abortion issue alone.

Dismemberment abortion is the method used when the unborn are taken out of the mother’s womb in pieces.

Partial birth abortion involves the unborn’s brains being sucked out for the skull to shrink and allow its body to pass through the birth canal.

Adolf Hitler along with the Nazis are considered the epitome of evil for being responsible for the killing of an estimated six million Jews during WWll.

Here in the U.S. there have been an estimated 56 million legal abortions. Talk about evil.

Hitler and the Nazis were like choir boys in comparison.

How can anyone that votes for any Democratic politician sleep at night? I often wonder if God will forgive us as a nation for supporting and endorsing abortion on demand.

Why are the majority of pulpits across America silent on this continuing tragedy?

N. Rodriguez Harlingen