City of San Benito prepares for Memorial Day ceremony

SAN BENITO — If you’re purchasing a commemorative for Memorial Day, you are running out of time.

Friday is the deadline to purchase a brick so it is ready for the May 30 Memorial Day ceremony.

Bricks honoring veterans will be engraved with the name of the honoree, branch of service, rank and era of service.

Events on Memorial Day begin with a solemn, silent March of Veterans at 8:50 a.m. in front of City Hall, 485 N. Sam Houston.

The marchers will receive a police escort down Sam Houston Boulevard to the Veterans War Memorial at 151 E. Rowson, according to event organizer Victor Garza, chairman of the San Benito Veterans Advisory Board.

“This will be a silent march as we take the time to remember those whose blood has been shed, for the lives that have been lost, for the family members who lost loved ones,” Garza said.

All veterans are invited to participate. Military personnel including reservists are also encouraged to attend in uniform.

Veterans are encouraged to wear military uniforms, hats, caps or other symbols of patriotism.

Survivors of veterans are invited to join in the silent march and are asked to carry photographs of their loved ones who served in the military.

Upon arrival at the Veterans War Memorial at 9 a.m., a tribute commemorating the sacrifices of U.S. veterans will be conducted. Patriotic songs will be performed during the ceremony.

Speakers for the ceremony will be announced at a later time.

“We encourage the entire community to join in this event. It is a perfect time for families who lost loved ones, and for anyone who wants to demonstrate their love of country, to come together with us this Memorial Day,” Garza said.

Upgrades on the memorial itself have been ongoing.

The Veterans War Memorial now features two bronze pieces; one commemorates World War II era veterans and the second honors Korean War veterans.

Fundraising efforts through the sale of the commemorative bricks are under way to add a third bronze piece.

It will feature an American Eagle carrying an olive branch as a representation for the desire for peace throughout the world.