Numbness to killing not helping responsible gun owners

Thomas Jefferson and many other respected leaders have stated the first step in enslaving people is to take away their firearms. In response to the killings by young students in our schools, our government is considering whether this should be done in America.

Perhaps, we should take a more analytical look at the root cause of these senseless murders.

Instead of being taught to respect guns and use them responsibly, little boys are given guns among their first playthings. Then, they graduate to computer-generated virtual reality. Parents buy their sons computer games that simulate battlefield conditions. They kill their “enemies” for hours every day, and engage in “street shootouts” until their minds become numb to killing.

How many girls are there that play with guns and simulated war games? How many girls have committed murder on school grounds or in the streets?

The answer to the problem is not taking guns from responsible citizens, leaving them victims of crimes and helpless to protect their homes and families, but in putting some legal restraints on the industry that is getting rich on the training materials that comprise their school for murder.

Parents, before you shell out for their curriculum, remember this: “Raise up a child in the way we should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Joanne O’Brien Harlingen