Platform includes many ‘planks’

I was very surprised that Mr. Rodriguez seems to believe that the only plank in the Democratic platform is “pro abortion.” Having served on platform committees I know how difficult it is to gain consensus on various issues.

It is important to remember that a party platform is made up of many planks.

How about me saying that I can’t be a, or vote for, a Republican since they believe in or are “pro capital punishment” which violates a core belief of mine, as a Christian. Forgiveness is mandated by Jesus.

Just as a sidebar, I have struggled with the fact that a sin is a sin. I’ve always felt that sins should be on a points basis.

You know this one is really bad and this one isn’t so bad.

Like murder is 10 points, swearing is 2 points, etc. I’ve been comforted that I didn’t have any 10 pointers.

Back to reality, sin is sin, there is no point system.

Would anyone care to wager that all the people performing and receiving abortions are Democrats?

On the lighter side. I like to tease my Republican friends that I once was a Republican but I overcame it.

There is always hope. I also chide them by telling them that I am working as hard as I can to amass enough capital to be able to gain Republican status. Seeing an economically challenged person driving a broken down jalopy with a Republican bumper sticker makes me sad.

It always makes me wonder how they can be against their economic interest. I believe you can legislate economic issues but you will find it difficult to legislate moral issues.

Oh, just to make it clear, I am a Christian, pro life, and a Democrat. And just for the record I know other folks that meet those criteria.

Tony Bos Harlingen