Good fences make good neighbors

In regard to the “Cameron County’s most wanted list” on page 5 of Sunday’s VMS, I cannot help but wonder how many of the eight men on the list are illegals.

Of the eight, three are wanted for murder and two are wanted for the “continuous” sexual assault of a child.

In comparison, the remaining three are virtual saints, “only” wanted for aggravated robbery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

How would any one of us feel if we or a close family member happened to be a victim of any illegal?

Will the local print and broadcast news media research these individual’s immigration status ?

Personally, I seriously doubt it. That would be totally opposite of the media’s pro illegal immigration agenda.

In my view, again along with the liberal media, law enforcement from the current president of the United States, his past and present Attorneys General, and on down to County and local law enforcement and the citizens that voted for Mr. Obama are in no way responsible for crimes committed in the U.S. by illegals.


The whole of the RGV is a sanctuary region for illegals. Few people seem to care that our nation’s immigration laws are not enforced.

The president and all law enforcement officials and officers have taken oaths to uphold our nation’s laws, even the ones they don’t agree with.

But, Mr. Obama has no use for immigration or marijuana laws, so why enforce them?

As for me, I say continue building the fences that were started before Mr. Obama became president.

Build the wall, build it tall and protect us all.

N. Rodriguez