Port Isabel resident selected to join Island Visitors Advisory Board

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — Robert Salinas has one more meeting to attend each month to keep Port Isabel on the upswing and the lines of communications open with the city of South Padre Island.

Salinas, the administrator for the Port Isabel Economic Development Corporation was unanimously selected to join the Island Visitors Advisory Board as a non-voting Ex-Officio member representing the city of Port Isabel.

“That is right up his alley because that’s the type of work he does,” said Jarred Hockema, Port Isabel city administrator. “He’s proud and he’s honored to be on the board.”

The appointment is expected to help cement the relationship between the two cities and ensure events that do take place on either side of the causeway are better coordinated and better planned.

“He’s there to represent our viewpoint and to inform them about what’s going on in Port Isabel,” Hockema said.

“He’s a person that likes working with other people and is committed to making sure that Port Isabel grows and that we have good business opportunities for our people.”

The approval to appoint Salinas to the CVA board recently took place at a South Padre Island regular city meeting.

The CVA works to organize, promote and market Island events to attract visitors to the beach.

“There is no question we are joined to the hip with Port Isabel,” said Barry Patel, SPI mayor.

“I think we have to start the process of working with our surrounding communities.”

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