Didn’t vote … don’t complain

Please note that what I’m going to write is very sarcastic. So here we go.

I caught the Valley Star in a misprint. They reported that the mayor got re-elected in a landslide, he got about 1,900 votes.

The total vote count was 2,822, if I remember the numbers correctly.

Landslide? We say that 1,900 out of 2,822 is a landslide – maybe so if our city population was 5,000.

I wanted to drive north out of Harlingen and then return taking note of the sign telling the population of Harlingen, but there is a sign warning of rough road for 10 miles north. If I remember the sign, it boast about 70,000 happy, carefree people are residents of our fine city.

City Hall will need very few people handling complaints, There were only 2,800 or so that care how the city is run.

Don’t complain if you didn’t exercise your right to voice your opinion by voting.

If my math is correct that is about 4 percent of the Harlingen population that cares how the city is managed.

Is that frightening or what?

Maybe the misprint is that the Star missed a zero, like between the 8 and the 2 which would mean that 40 percent love our city enough to care how it is managed.

People who didn’t vote better not complain about their streets or anything else.

And what about all those signs and trailers parked all over, and all those people waving placards.

Seems to me they could do just as well parading through the local cemeteries.

Maybe we should resort to the Chicago area system where dead folks vote.

Tony Bos Harlingen