No Gain, No Pain Contestants Win Big

BY Amanda Sotelo

Every Fall and Spring Semester, the Wellness and Sports Center at Texas State Technical College encourages students to register for their weight loss program, “No Gain, No Pain.” This semester a total of seven students joined the program during Spring 2016, and lost a combined weight of 178 pounds.

The program is open to all TSTC students and there is no fee to enroll. Once in the program, students are encouraged to lose weight by eating healthy and exercising.

“This is one of six programs we offer at the Wellness and Sports Center,” said Efrain Villarreal, assistant supervisor for Intramurals. “It’s the incentives that we give students who complete the challenge that encourage others to participate.”

Students who complete the challenge win prizes based on the number of pounds lost. Students have the opportunity to receive water bottles, t-shirts, string bags, duffle bags, polo shirts, $25 gift cards to Academy and Nike jogging shoes.

“Everyone exercises and practices a healthy living style that is comfortable for them,” said Villarreal. “We simply guide them and give them advice. They decide how they want to lose the weight. I’m proud of how successful our last group of contestants were.”

The next opportunity for students to take advantage of this weight loss program and its incentives will be during the upcoming fall semester.

More information on “No Gain, No Pain,” and the other programs offered at TSTC’s Wellness and Sports Center call 956-364-4341.