Harlingen South Latin team heading to national competition after state win

HARLINGEN — Omni. That’s a really cool car.

No, that’s not what I’m talking about.

Oh, you mean the hotel? Not.

How about the Latin root word meaning “all?”

Students at Harlingen High School South have been learning that and a lot more in their Latin class taught by Marie Garza. They recently brought home medals from a state competition and they’re preparing for a national event in July.

This is the first time in recent memory any team from the Valley has performed so well in competitions testing their Latin skills.

“We actually have people who are dedicated to learning,” said Calista Lamotte, 18, a senior.

At the Texas State Junior Classical League Competition in April, seven students qualified to compete in the National Junior Classical League. That competition will take place July 25 to 30 at Indiana State University in Bloomington. There are also two alternates.

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Common Latin Phrases

I. ad hoc

“for this thing”

set up temporarily for a particular purpose

2. caveat emptor

“buyer beware”

3. cogito ergo sum

I think, therefore I am

4. habeas corpus

“You should have the body”

Refers to a number of legal writs to bring a person before a court or judge

5. in medias res

“into the middle of things”

6. magna cum laude

with great praise

7. magnum opus

great work, someone’s masterpiece

8. malum prohibitum

“wrong due to being prohibited”

9. per capita

“by heads”

a ratio by the number of persons

10. veritas omnia vincit

“Truth conquers all”