Racial, bigoted and hateful

Hoping to respond to, like someone said, a bunch of propaganda.

First, someone calls a writer a fullblown liberal for expressing her views.

Like to respond with he, as a Republican, being a full blown white supremacist, KKK, neo Nazi sympathizer by his reasoning.

He’s the only privileged one to voice his opinion.

Yep, Trump supporters embrace his racial, bigoted and hateful way of life. Another writer writes about compromises where our dysfunctional Congress flatly refuses to work with the President.

Compromises are made where both parties agree to some worthwhile solution.

The do-nothing Congress, for the last seven years has not lifted a finger in all the progress and success that our country is enjoying.

I know that listening to your selective channel has influenced your minds in every which way, except the actual facts.

Just think, we are enjoying the longest sustained job growth, economic growth has outpaced every advanced nation, no inflation, interest rates at their lowest. and the wealthy getting wealthier.

The GOP still intends on lowering corporate taxes, boosting their welfare through the roof, which keeps ending up in off shore accounts. Does $32 trillion ring a bell.

Ask yourselves, wouldn’t this $32 trillion help make this country greater than it already is.

Full-time working people on welfare are not the ones bleeding the taxpayer, but their employers.

Trickle down economics ring a bell, but again, only as far down as their CEOs.

They also like using the pro-life card, looking for sympathy as if they really cared for humanity while only caring about the fetus as long as it remains in the womb.

After the fetus is born, the baby better not require medical attention, cause their only solution is to deny it affordable care and would rather it just die.

There are just as many Democrats that believe in pro-life, only one major difference, Democrats care before and after the baby is born.

The Pope is opening many people’s eyes with the GOPs way of life, and GOP is now declaring him Public enemy No. 1.

Yep, the one following and leading by example, the way Jesus instructed.

We also have the transgender problem, that was not ever considered a problem, until the“Do as we say, not as we do” party decided to make it a problem.

Wonder where these people went to do their business before all this publicity.

There have been no known cases of any mistreatment or abuses from these people in bathrooms to minors or others.

Thepartyhascomeupwithextreme punishment for child molesters, but the ones making the laws are the ones doing the molesting, alas the last speaker of the house, molesting and paying off millions to keep his victims quiet.

Now his congressional members are fighting to reduce his sentence cause they’re the privileged ones.

I would rather my kids went to the bathroom with a transgender than GOP congressmen.

Another writer criticize the President for listening to music by a recently deceased musician and assumes the President doesn’t stand up for the National Anthem.

Really, is that the best they can do.

Again, sounds like that select channel’s propaganda. Now they are also criticizing the President’s black daughter for getting accepted into Harvard.

Boy, the KKK must have taken over Harvard’s administration. Trump is the one they should worry about as he doesn’t even know the difference between 7-11 and 9-11.

A wealthy, spoiled brat that thinks only of himself.

He also bilked millions in donations, meant for veterans that ended in his own accounts.

Probably hasn’t even opened the Bible as he can’t quote from scripture. He brings great family values.

A Democrat with Trump’s qualification would already have been hung. Have a good day.

Juan Gonzales Harlingen