San Benito Veterans Memorial Academy students and Principal Gilbert Galvan recently attended the inaugural South Texas Student Opportunity Summit held in Austin.

The historic event, hosted by Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. attracted ninth-grade students from District 27, introducing them to opportunities that that will be available to them if they successfully receive their diplomas.

A total of 169 students and chaperones from all across Senate District 27 attended to learn more about the great opportunities available to them in the State of Texas. The students from across Senator Lucio’s district had an opportunity to meet with state leaders, visit the Capitol, and toured the campus of the University of Texas.

“On behalf of Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. and his staff, we want to extend our full gratitude to all of you,” said Daniela Fuentes, Senator Lucio staff member.

The purpose of the Summit was to encourage and motivate high school students to broaden their horizons and find the importance in education by introducing them to notable government officials, professors, and college students who share a similar background and story.

“The Summit was a great success, and we look forward to bringing students to the Capitol for years to come,” Fuentes said. “We thank you for your cooperation and leadership in making this event possible. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

Principal Gilbert Galvan commended event organizers and indicated that the participating students become inspired to attend college.

“My students were amazed to go to Austin and be able to meet with the leaders. They also heard from University of Texas at Austin students. They know that education is important, and they are very motivated to attend college,” Galvan said. “This is a lifetime experience and one that they will never forget!”

Galvan expressed his appreciation to Senator Lucio, Jr. and his staff for giving SBVMA students an opportunity to learn and explore the possibilities.

“Our students are encouraged and proud,” Galvan said. “They look forward to attending college. I am so grateful for Senator Lucio and his willingness to promote education for our Valley students.”