A must read

“A healthy government” by Erol A Stone, is an awesome letter that both conservatives and liberals should read more than once.

Especially the liberal “talking heads” and reporters at KRGV Ch 5 (ABC News is owned by Disney) as well as those at KGBT, KFTV, and KVEO.

As for the Spanish speaking anchors and reporters, I have no clue which ones can read or speak English.

I do know that all the Spanish speaking networks are for an “open” border and for illegals in the U.S. having the the same rights and benefits as U.S. ciitizens.

Cross the border illegally into Mexico and see what kind of rights you’ll have. Or see what it would take to beome a Mexican citizen.

But, like Mr Stone pointed out to us, our top government officials, be it Democrats or RINOS (Republicans in name only) along with the billionaires that own the media, all have the same agenda, open borders and a One World order.

They also want to keep things exactly as they are and have been since who knows when.

Since last week, Republicans like the Bush “clan,” House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senators John McCAin and Lindsey Graham, etc. etc., not endorsing Donald Trump has been repeated in the news over and over and over.

What the media executives and their talking heads fail to understand is that many of us see their failure to endorse Donald Trump as a good thing.

Both Paul Ryan and John McCain may not even be able to win reelection. We, the people are truly fed up with the status quo and the failure of our elected officials to do what’s best for America and Americans.

America and Americans first. And first means first.

The people of Mexico have made Mexico what it is today.

Wake up people. The U.S. is slowly becoming exactly like Mexico, a Socialist third world country.

N. Rodriguez Harlingen