New speed humps could be in store for San Benito streets

SAN BENITO — Between them, the five members of the traffic review board have more than 120 years of experience in traffic and safety.

So, that would make Mary Bolado, Larry Drake, Rene Garcia, Ovidio Gonzalez and Rolando Monsevalles experts in where to place road humps, street signs and speed limit signs.

All five members’ experience differs from roles with the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Police Department, the Texas Department of Transportation and the school district’s Transportation Department.

“When it comes to making decisions, we are thankful for that experience,” Bolado said.

Yesterday, the board met in a regular meeting to discuss the placement of road humps in several neighborhoods.

The residents who live in those areas requested the placement.

During the meeting, the board gave its approved to the placement of a speed hump between Stenger and Rogers, a speed limit sign on Yoakum, a speed hump between the 800 block and 900 block of 8th street, a speed limit sign near Dr. Garza Elementary, a speed hump on the 500 block of Winchell and a speed hump on Juanita.

The recommendations will next be taken to the City Commission for final approval.

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Streets on the list

Streets up for speed humps and/or speed limit signs. Is your street on the list?

• Speed hump between Stenger and Rogers

• Speed limit sign on Yoakum

• Speed hump between the 800 block and 900 block of 8th Street

• Speed limit sign near Dr. Garza Elementary

• Speed hump on the 500 block of Winchell

• Speed hump on Juanita

• Speed hump on the 400 block of Biddle Street