San Benito CISD names Teachers of the Year

SAN BENITO — For their dedication to teaching and excellence, 18 teachers from the San Benito school district now hold the title of Teacher of the Year in their school.

The teachers from each of the 18 campuses in the school district were honored at a luncheon earlier today along with a guest and the principal from their school.

The 2016-2017 San Benito CISD Teachers of the Year:

Veronica Rodriguez, Angela G. Leal Elementary

Dorothy Barrera, Dr. C.M. Cash Elementary

Melissa De Leon, Dr. Raul Garza, Jr. Elementary

Nora Garza, Ed Downs Elementary

Kourtney Leal, Frank Roberts Elementary

Monica Simpson, La Encantada Elementary

Ana Yanez, Fred, Booth Elementary

Estela Jaramillo, La Paloma Elementary

Amanda Cruz, Landrum Elementary

Maria Loredo, Judge Oscar De La Fuente Elementary

Marisela Pedraza, Rangerville Elementary

Faviola Evans, Sullivan Elementary

Laura Noriega, Amador R. Rodriguez Juvenile Boot Camp

Cynthia Zartuche Manrrique, Berta Cabaza Middle School

Herminia Garcia, Miller Jordan Middle School

Juanita Ibarra, San Benito Riverside Middle School

Ester Leal, San Benito High School

Juanita Carrasco, San Benito Veterans Memorial Academy