Trump and sexism in the workplace

This Sunday, the New York Times published an article critical of Donald Trump’s sexist treatment of women in the workplace over the past three decades. Although the women’s comments waffled between him being supportive to downright rude,overall it was not complimentary.

While I’m not a fan of this man, I think it’s important to put the article in perspective.

Back in the 70s and 80s I was working full time, sometimes as a receptionist, a file clerk, a sales secretary and eventually as a commissioned sales person all in a male dominated environment.

I’ve had men stare at my breasts, call me stacked, ask how I injured my back (wink, wink) and on some days would make football passes of sanitary pads at anyone having a bad day. People thought that was funny.

I had an engineer employee phone me making obscene calls which only stopped when I complained to one of the owners (a woman). He was fired … no questions asked of me.

That was surprising. There was no such thing as a Human Resources department back then. One either put up with it or left.

Today, women have a bigger voice in the workplace if they are disrespected, but Donald hasn’t stepped into the 21st century. I don’t think he’s aware he is offensive.

He’s 69 years old and set in that time warp.

One also has to ask when was the last time you saw Hillary Clinton in a dress? I think it was at Bill’s inauguration when she wore a ball gown or at a state dinner as First Lady.

When have you ever seen Angela Merkel in anything other than a pantsuit?

They know things haven’t changed all that much. Neither has Donald.

Susan M. Berberian Harlingen