Another election shows our problems

Both school board candidates who are running for the trustee position are very selfish. They decided not to go for the coin toss to decide the winner.

Instead they want to spend a lot of taxpayer’s money and want to inconvenience a lot of people to go out and vote again.

That is the problem we have in our society today. There is no empathy for the community. They just want the best odds to accomplish their best self-service.

But I have a solution that is better than what we have today. How about giving them a test? Test them in math, English, history, and another subject of their choice. The candidate with the best statistical average wins. It can all be decided in a one-hour test.

That way we know the smartest candidate got the job.

They will not be chosen by how pretty they look in a picture, by how much money they spend, by how many relatives they have or by sex race, color, or by any other background.

He or she will be chosen by who is the smartest. The only thing we will have to worry about is if they have a good conscience to make the right decision for the community.

Just imagine how much money will be saved by not having a re-election. We can use the saved money on educating our kids.

Santiago Perez San Benito