Still a nation of laws

I agree with most of the Valley Morning Star’s Antonio Garza’s commentary entitled “Are we still the home of the brave.”

Many summers ago, 55 individuals took it upon themselves to try to improve the exasperations and the shortcomings facing them. They had to decide either to try to improve or completely change the path of the future. They decided on the latter.

These individuals were the farmers of the U.S. Constitution, who in 1787 during a sweltering hot Philadelphia summer wrote what many consider the greatest political document ever written – the U.S.


The document has worked for more than 200 years. Its ideals and principles include democracy, equality, justice, personal liberties, representative government and most importantly the rule of law.

Mr. Garza’s commentary details the current situation in the 2016 Presidential Election dealing with both the Democratic and Republican parties’ candidates taking verbal jabs at each other over the problem this nation faces.

He mentions problems dealing with the educational system and other public services, the economy, immigrants and trade.

Mr. Garza also mentions the Latino phrase: “E pluribus unum” or “out of many, one” that deals with this nation’s role in the lives of immigrants and refugees.

Hopefully, the remaining presidential candidates will be briefed on the ideals and principles those 55 individuals came up with during that hot Philadelphia summer long ago.

Whoever becomes president should use this as a basis of their philosophy on governing this great nation.

Yes, Mr. Garza, we are still the home of the brave and a nation of laws.

Silvestre Moreno Jr. Mercedes