Learning Opportunity: Police Department hosts law enforcement training

BY Amanda Sotelo

The Texas State Technical College Police Department places an emphasis on training to give the TSTC community the best leadership, protection and service possible.

Recently, the TSTC Police Department hosted the Command Leadership Institute at the University Center on campus. This is a session in a three-part leadership series that makes up the Federal Bureau of Investigation Law Enforcement Executive Development Association.

More than 40 law enforcement officials from across the Rio Grande Valley, Texas and Louisiana attended the training. TSTC Chief of Police Aurelio Torres, Sergeants Gloria Ruiz and Eduardo Patino represented the college at the conference.

“Chief is amazing and always looking out for the agency and TSTC as a whole,” said Ruiz. “His objective is to develop us into great officers for TSTC.”

The Command Leadership Institute focuses on real life and contemporary strategies and techniques for those either in, or aspiring to reach command level assignments. Topics covered concentrated on ethics, credibility, decision making and employee supervision.

“This experience has been very rewarding,” said Ruiz. “We are the next line in command from the Chief. So this training will definitely help us better serve our TSTC community and to better apply leadership within our team.”

In addition to the Command Leadership Institute, Torres, Ruiz and Patino also completed the Supervisor Leadership Institute for Law Enforcement Executives in January. The session was also held at the University’s Center and was the first of its kind south of San Antonio.

The Supervisor Leadership Institute is centered on establishing and maintaining performance management, credibility, discipline, liability and risk management. It is focused on enhancing supervisors and middle manager leadership competencies.

“These leadership trainings support our departmental mission and TSTC’s values,” said TSTC Police Chief Aurelio Torres. “It is important that our police supervisors receive professional leadership training to be better supervisors and leaders for TSTC.”

The last training in this three-part series is the Executive Leadership Institute. This class will be held in October at TSTC and will consist of interactive training calling upon participants in the session to share professional experiences and facilitate individual development and learning.

“These trainings give our supervisors the opportunity to be able to improve on their coaching, mentoring and be better prepared to develop our police staff,” said Torres. “Succession planning will ensure that TSTC always has a professional workforce.”

To learn more about the upcoming Executive Leadership Institute contact the TSTC Police Department at 956-364-4220.