Rich getting richer

Ah, the one world government.

A very close winter Texan friend, in the late 1970s brought this subject to light.

He stated that there was much talk about the elite and wealthy joining together on a plan to control the people and all the wealth.

Well, seems like everything is falling into place. Right now, seems like the followers of the do as we say, not as we do party are already hooked and reeled in.

Only the wealthy are entitled to capitalistic gains, while the workers are called socialist if they fight for better wages.

The wealthy, fully endorsed and whole heartily supported by the GOP, have their followers eating out of their hands by training them to use Socialism and communist, as tools to enable them to hog all profits.

For those who have not pushed their common sense button, need to do so quickly.

The wealthy already own more than 90 percent to 99 percent of the world’s wealth. Remember the up to 90 percent tax rate for the wealthy of this country which is now around 25 percent, average of top 25 Corporations.

They are still craving for more tax cuts and since that world order talk started, tax cuts started plunging from the 1970s to right now. These tax cuts were supposed to also benefit workers, but never materialized.

GOP tactics are taking wages back to the 1950s, by eliminating the minimum wage and shrinking the middle class to more easily control the workers.

If these corporations don’t get their way, they will threaten to move or just relocate overseas. Heck, Romney and Trump have already moved their companies overseas.

The corporations and all their wealth are finding their tax heavens overseas. Yep, got to make those countries great.

Thanks GOP.

Do you ever wonder why they spend millions on talk show hosts to instill fear and division?

They want everybody, regardless if they are criminals or insane, to arm themselves.

They want people to be afraid of their own shadows. Go figure.

The movies, “The Purge” 1 and 2 ring a bell.

Need to stand tall, vote the GOP out this election year and keep our country great the way it is.

The elite and wealthy are fast approaching their goal.

Have a great day.

Juan Gonzales Harlingen